MBS Jets Hangar

Welcome to the MBS Jets Hangar!

The MBS Jets Hangar is a 40’x80′ building that is available to MBS Jets players and the public for hitting, pitching, catching and other drill work.

The MBS Jets Hangar is located at ~6133 Westside Saginaw Rd in Bay City (east of Anderson Radio, west of St. Paul Lutheran Church).



# of Players 1/2 Hour 1 Hour
1 $10 $20
2-3 $15 $30
4+ $25 $50

MBS Jets players can use the Hanger at no cost.


Scheduling Time:
To schedule time at the MBS Jets Hangar, review the calendar below for available times and send an email to mbsjetshangar@gmail.com providing your name, phone number, number of players and desired dates & times.  You will receive an email confirming your time.


Contact Information:
For any questions, please contact the following:

Rob Englehardt: rjengelhardt@aol.com
Greg Behmlander: gdbehmlander@gmail.com